Pay Cash Now Increases Traffic

As a Retailer or Business Partner with a “brick & mortar” location, your business can become a Cash Acceptor Partner in the Pay Cash Now Network.  Pay Cash Now will promote your business and drive consumers with cash to your location. Not only will you receive payment for the 60 second Pay Cash Now transaction, but a percentage of these customers will purchase additional goods and services.  Since we are driving these customers into your stores, it is likely that a significant percentage will be visiting your location for the first time.  There are 10 million consumers who do not have access to a debit card or credit card and have to purchase with cash.  Contact a Pay Cash Now retail sales manager to discuss the compensation program that results in not only immediate profit but the opportunity to secure new customers.  Join the Pay Cash Now Network and enjoy the increased traffic as well as the increased revenue from Pay Cash Now.

Key Benefits of the Network

  • Additional Customers directed to your location
  • Simple API integration to your POS
  • Transaction Fee received on each order

The Payment Process

  1. Customer arrives at your place of business.
  2. Customer provides retailer their Pay Cash Now Transaction ID and Cash for payment.
  3. Retailer receives cash payment and uses API to notify Pay Cash Now.
  4. Retailer provides customer with receipt to finalize in-store transaction.
  5. Pay Cash Now notifies merchant funds are received and merchandise ships.

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