10 Million Consumers don’t have a Debit or Credit Card

The Catalog and Mail Order industry is a multi-billion dollar and continuously growing enterprise.  The vast majority of sales are with debit or credit cards.  As a result of the current economic crisis, 8.2% of the households in the U.S. do not have a Debit or Credit card.  Those with credit cards have an average of $15,151 in credit card debt.  An additional 20.1% of the households in the US are “Under-banked” and prefer to use a non-bank payment service.  Consumers can’t or don’t want to continue buying with credit.  Pay Cash Now’s nationwide network of business partners, capable of accepting cash, can allow you to potentially reach an additional 10 million consumers.  These are consumers with cash that can and do make payments with cash.

The Pay Cash Now Cash Acceptance Network can provide your business with a real-time system that can collect cash payments locally from your customers and electronically transfer the funds to your bank account.  The 10 million unbanked consumers can now have the opportunity to order your services.

The Pay Cash Now API is very similar to the PayPal® API and can be implemented with minimal effort.  Pay Cash Now can guarantee receipt of funds to you within minutes after the consumer deposits the cash in their neighborhood Pay Cash Now Network of cash acceptance retailers.

Contact a Pay Cash Now account manager to learn how easy it is to implement the Pay Cash Now Network in your current online electronic checkout system.

Key Benefits of the Pay Cash Now Network

  • Access to 10 million Additional Customers who don’t have debit or credit cards
  • Zero credit card chargebacks
  • Zero chance of credit card fraud
  • Funds are 100% guaranteed at time of payment
  • Fewer returns