Households Average Credit Card Debt is $15,151

More than 55 percent of Debt Collection companies still use mail to contact delinquent account holders. This method continues to result in poor compliance as consumers use mail delays as an excuse for not paying. Pay Cash Now can provide immediate, local collection services. Over the last 12 months, 15 percent of American adults were late paying one of their credit cards and 8 percent of them did not make a payment at all. Collection companies are dealing with larger volumes of delinquent accounts. 

Pay Cash Now can provide your debt collection business with a nationwide footprint that can allow your customers to make “same day” payments in cash. Pay Cash Now can guarantee receipt of funds to you within seconds after the consumer deposits the cash in their local Pay Cash Now Cash retail location. As a Collection Agency, you can access the Pay Cash Now Merchant Portal and view customer deposits in real time. You never have to hear “the check’s in the mail” again.

Contact a Pay Cash Now account manager to learn how easy it is to implement the Pay Cash Now Network and begin offering this additional payment service to your customers.

Key Benefits of the Pay Cash Now Network

  • Funds are 100% guaranteed at time of payment
  • Funds Deposited within 24-48 hours
  • Zero credit card charge backs
  • Zero chance of credit card fraud
  • Zero risk of Bad Checks
  • Access to 10 million Unbanked Consumers