No Credit, No Problem…  Pay with Cash Using “Pay Cash Now”! 

Pay Cash Now’s nationwide cash acceptance network gives you, the customer, the ability to make purchases online or over the phone and PAY WITH CASH! You no longer have to miss out on all of the special internet offers. Simply select Pay Cash Now as your online payment method instead of Credit Card and make a cash payment at a local retailer in your town. Pay Cash Now will provide you with information on a retail store in your town that can assist you in completing the payment for your online or telephone order.

Pay Cash Now will immediately notify the merchant of your cash payment so they can proceed with shipment of your merchandise or credit to your account. If the Merchant does not offer you the option to purchase with “Pay Cash Now” ask him to contact us at and become part of this growing network today.

Key Benefits of the Network

  • Ability to pay with Cash
  • No risk of Identity Theft
  • Confirmation receipt provided at time of payment
  • Merchant notified immediately after receipt of cash payment
  • No Credit Card Fees or Overdraft Charges

The Order Process

  1. Customer selects Pay Cash Now at checkout.
  2. Merchant provides you with a Pay Cash Now (PCN) Transaction ID.
  3. Merchant tells you where, in your town, you can make your cash payment.

The Transaction is now suspended until payment is made.

The Payment Process

  1. Customer goes to a neighborhood Pay Cash Now payment location.
  2. Customer provides the local retailer their PCN Transaction ID and Cash for payment.
  3. Retailer notifies Merchant that the payment has been received.
  4. Customer receives receipt of payment with Confirmation Number
  5. Merchant ships product or provides specified service to customer.

Its that simple…