Q. What is Pay Cash Now?

A. Pay Cash Now is a payment network that enables consumers who do not have a debit or credit card or who prefer to pay with cash to safely and easily make online and telephone orders of goods and services and then make their payment with CASH. Pay Cash Now provides access to Internet shopping and DRTV shopping to 10’s of millions of consumers who currently are unable to shop.

Q. Why should a merchant include Pay Cash Now as a checkout option?

A. With Pay Cash Now, Merchants enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to over 10 million consumers who do not have access to debit or credit cards
  • Access to the $200 billion teen market who DO NOT have credit cards
  • Significantly lower interchange and transaction fees
  • Eliminates credit card chargebacks (transactions are deposited within 48 hours)
  • Significantly lower Returns
  • Guaranteed funds before shipment of product

Q. How do I purchase online with Pay Cash Now?

A. From the shopping cart simply select “Pay Cash Now” as the payment option. The merchant will complete the transaction and provide you with a Payment Transaction ID (example: PCN4321). The merchant will also tell you where the closest Pay Cash Now cash acceptance store is located. Take your Payment Transaction ID with your cash to the local Pay Cash Now cash acceptance store and complete the payment process. Pay Cash Now will notify the merchant of your payment within minutes and your product will be shipped.

Q. How do I purchase over the phone with Pay Cash Now?

A. When a customer calls the merchant to purchase the promotional product, they simply tell the sales person they want to use Pay Cash Now as the payment option. The merchant will take their order and provide them with a Payment Transaction ID (example: PCN4321). The merchant will tell them where the closest Pay Cash Now cash acceptance store is located. The customer then takes the Payment Transaction ID with their cash  payment to the local Pay Cash Now cash acceptance store and completes the payment process. Pay Cash Now will notify the merchant of the payment within minutes and the product will be shipped.

Q. Where do I pay for my Pay Cash Now  purchase?

A. The Pay Cash Now Cash Acceptance network is constantly growing and expanding.  You can use the “Find Cash Location” tab to locate the Pay Cash Now cash acceptance stores in your neighborhood.  If you are a retailer that would like to have the additional traffic generated by thousands of Pay Cash Now customers, please contact us at: info@PayCashNow.com

Q. As a Merchant or Retailer, how difficult is it to implement Pay Cash Now?

A. Integration options range from literally none using the Pay Cash Now Merchant Portal, to our custom APIs that interface directly into your POS system. With the Pay Cash Now Merchant Portal, the merchant’s telephone agent places the order directly into the Pay Cash Now web based Merchant Portal.  The transaction is recorded and a Transaction ID is generated.  With the integrated solution the merchant utilizes the Pay Cash Now shopping cart API or the POS API to enable real-time seamless order processing. Contact Sales@PayCashNow.com for more information.

Q. What Merchant Management Reports are available?

A. Pay Cash Now has a robust report and transaction management system.  Merchant Administrators have access to the Pay Cash Now  Merchant Portal where they can review, void and monitor any and all transactions.  Daily, weekly and yearly audit reports are also available.

Q. What does Pay Cash Now  cost?

A. The Pay Cash Now payment processing system is very affordable. For the Merchant, Pay Cash Now offers the lowest transaction fee on the internet! Contact Us for to get your Price Quote on the Transaction Fee. For the Retailers with a brick & mortar store who are interested in additional traffic, Pay Cash Now can be a Profit Center offering retailers not only access to additional new customers but a “percentage of every transaction”. Pay Cash Now does charge a modest consumer transaction fee at the time of payment to cover to costs of processing the transaction. This fee is used to compensate the retailer and secure low transaction costs for the merchant.