Teenagers Purchased $208 billion in Goods & Services in 2013.
Most Purchased with either a parents Credit Card or with Cash.

The Credit Card Act of 2009 has significantly reduced the number of young adults that qualify for a credit card.  Most teens don’t have bank accounts and rely on their parent’s credit cards to make purchases.  Many teens have jobs and a significant disposable income.

Pay Cash Now can now provide you with an online, nationwide network that can collect cash payments locally from your customers and electronically transfer the funds to your bank account.  Once a payment is made to the Pay Cash Now Network the funds are immediately 100% guaranteed.  This enables you to securely allow activation in real time from a cash payment.

The Pay Cash Now API is very similar to the PayPal® API and can be implemented with minimal effort.  Take advantage of your current market reach by including the 10 million households that don’t have a debit or credit card.

Contact a Pay Cash Now account manager to learn how easy it is to implement the Pay Cash Now Network in your current online electronic checkout system.

Key Benefits of the Pay Cash Now Network

  • Access to 10 million Additional Customers who don’t have debit or credit cards
  • Zero credit card charge backs
  • Zero chance of credit card fraud
  • 100% funds are guaranteed at time of payment
  • Fewer returns
  • Very Low interchange fee