The Pay Cash Now cash payment is simple for the customer to use. This alternative payment option is either integrated in the online shopping cart using one of our many API’s or added to the online order entry process using our patented system. The Brick & Mortar retailer accepts the cash payment on behalf of the Merchant and funds are electronically transferred within 48 hours.



Consumers can now pay cash for items that used to require a debit or credit card. The Pay Cash Now Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) provide both the Merchant and Retailer with several options to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction flow.



All Pay Cash Now transactions are not only Encrypted, but also require a user login authentication as well as a time limited transaction token. These multiple stages of security ensure 100% of the Cash payment are securely processed allowing Pay Cash Now to guarantee the funds 100% at the time of payment.


Merchants Retailers
  • Access to 10+ million new Consumers
  • GUARANTEED Lowest Transaction Rates
  • Zero Chargebacks
  • Funds are 100% Guaranteed
  • Additional traffic
  • New Revenue Opportunity
  • Opportunity to up-sell
  • Competitive Exclusivity

Pay Cash Now exclusively owns and controls the following three (3) US Patents related to the Cash Payment Process whereby a Consumer places an order with a Merchant and settles the payment with an unrelated Retailer: Patent US 8,321,342 and Patent US 8,489,505  which govern “The Method and System to Accept and Settle Transaction Payments for an Unbanked Customer” and Patent US 8,781,960 which governs “The Computerized method to accept and settle cash transaction payments”.