Increases Sales by Offering the Ability to Pay with Cash!

The Pay Cash Now development team has designed and deployed POS software for the largest retailers in the world.  The Chief Software Architect for Pay Cash Now was once the Chief Software Architect for Wal-Mart Stores. The Pay Cash Now custom API was designed to integrate with IBM NCR and many other POS systems.  With this custom API, merchants can easily integrate the Pay Cash Now payment option into their existing online checkout or call center ordering system.

Stop paying 1% to 3% per transaction to process your order.   Contact a Pay Cash now Account Executive and find out NOT ONLY how low the transactions rates are, but how you can gain access to over 10 million additional consumers without spending any additional marketing dollars.

With the average household in America owing $15,191 in credit card debt, there are may consumers who would like to purchase but cannot add any more to their current credit card indebtedness. Those consumers are migrating to a “cash only” lifestyle to limit their increasing consumer debt.

The Pay Cash Now payment process is an alternate payment process that can eaisly allow you access to this missing consumer base. With Pay Cash Now it is easy for your customer and it is easy for your business to offer and process “Cash Payment” transaction online!  Pay Cash Now’s custom API integrates with your existing POS system (NCR, IBM, HP, Lynix, etc.) to allow easy acceptance of cash payments. Contact us today to see how the Pay Cash Now network can integrate into your existing POS network.  Our Pay Cash Now account manager can get you started making your business available to this previously unreached customer group.

Add Cash Payments to your Business Today…

  • Gaming
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Cell Phone
  • DRTV
  • Donations
  • Stored Value
  • Insurance
  • Collections

Key Benefits of the Network

  • Access to 10 million customers without debit or credit cards
  • Zero credit card charge backs
  • Zero chance of credit card fraud
  • Funds are 100% funds guaranteed at time of payment
  • Fewer returns
  • Very Low interchange fees

The Order Process

  1. Customer selects Pay Cash Now during the checkout process.
  2. You electronically receive a secure Pay Cash Now (PCN) Transaction ID.
  3. You provide this PCN Transaction ID to your customer.

The Transaction is now suspended until payment is made.

The Payment Process

  1. Customer goes to a neighborhood Pay Cash Now payment location.
  2. Customer provides local retailer PCN Transaction ID and Cash for payment.
  3. Retailer notifies Pay Cash Now that payment has been received.
  4. Pay Cash Now notifies merchant that funds are received and guaranteed.
  5. Customer receives receipt of payment with Confirmation Number.

Merchant may now ship customer their product.

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