Consumers Paying Utility Bills need a Cash Alternative. 

Whether it is Electric, Natural Gas, Water or Phone; consumers often have difficulty making ends meet and fall behind on bill payments. They may not have a checking account and need to make payment immediately. Pay Cash Now has extensive experience in electronic bill payment and understands utility customers.

Pay Cash Now can provide you with the ability to accept cash payments at several local businesses in your customer’s home town. When the utility bill must be paid or service will be disconnected, consumers need a quick, secure method to make a cash payment.

The Pay Cash Now API is very similar to other electronic payment APIs and can be implemented with minimal effort.  Pay Cash Now can guarantee receipt of funds to you within seconds after the consumer deposits the cash in their neighborhood Pay Cash Now Network of cash acceptance retailers.

Contact a Pay Cash Now account manager to learn how easy it is to implement the Pay Cash Now Network in your current online electronic checkout system.

Key Benefits of the Pay Cash Now Network

  • Access to 10 million Additional Customers who don’t have debit or credit cards
  • Zero credit card charge backs
  • Zero chance of credit card fraud
  • Funds are 100% guaranteed at time of payment
  • Pay Cash Now offers a Secure Transfer Network

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