The Unbanked Consumer will Buy if they can Pay with Cash.

The Credit Card Act of 2009 combined with the recession has resulted in a significant reduction in the total number of credit cards in circulation. This, combined with the current average household credit debt of $15,1919 has resulted in a measurable lower number of transactions credit card purchases. Currently over 10 million households in the USA live without any form of Credit or Debit card and make payments with cash.

Pay Cash Now can now provide you with an online, nationwide network that can collect cash payments locally from your customers and electronically transfer the funds to your bank account.  Pay Cash Now’s management has over a decade of experience in the cash collection and electronic payment business.

The Pay Cash Now API is very similar to the PayPal® API and can be implemented with minimal effort.  Improve your market share reach by marketing to the millions of consumers that doesn’t have a debit or credit card.

Contact a Pay Cash Now account manager to learn how easy it is to implement the Pay Cash Now  Network into your current online electronic eCommerce system.

Key Benefits of the Pay Cash Now Network

  • Access to 10 million Additional households who don’t have debit or credit cards
  • Zero credit card charge backs
  • Zero chance of credit card fraud
  • Funds are 100% guaranteed at time of payment
  • Fewer returns
  • Very Low interchange fee

How the Process Works

  • Customer Places Order
  • Customer Pays with Cash
  • Merchant’s Payment is 100% Guaranteed
  • Product Ships to Customer

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